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Penetration Test & Red Teaming

The GCI team has the depth of experience and expertise to help you understand how your business environment performs against a full-scale simulated attack by ethical hackers. Let us test your system with a range of simulated cyberattacks. Find the weaknesses before cyber criminals do. 

What are the benefits?

Detect security gaps and vulnerabilities


AI Augments Human Testing and Analysis


Machine Learning to Accelerate Testing


Zero false Positive validation


Recent high-profile hacks have shown that hackers exploit common vulnerabilities using well-understood and documented techniques.

Every organization is a target, even those without high-value information assets. Compromised systems are a valuable commodity. They are often used to amplify DDoS attacks, act as a jump point for hacking other businesses and to send spam or host illegal content. Cybercriminals will scour the Internet for vulnerable systems and organizations with weak IT security. It is important to identify your weaknesses before cyber criminals do.

As part of our comprehensive portfolio of Security Assessment Services, Penetration Testing and red teaming exercise attempts to identify and compromise vulnerable systems. Working under strict ethical guidelines Guardsman Cyber Intelligence ethical hackers simulate an attack from the perspective of the attacker. GCI uses all the skills and resources at its disposal to compromise the system or application under review.

Leverage GCI Red Teaming exercises tailored to your cybersecurity strategy and business-specific cyber threat landscape.

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